The best entertainment on Astral Casino online

When you register for the first time on the Astral casino, you would expect probably to typical live casino experience online , but what you will receive is nothing less than a real live casino experience.Indeed, more than almost all casinos online in the world, this casino is focused on the live game, giving you the feeling to be there and to be involved in the action, although you are probably in your home to thousands of kilometres a physical Casino. Thanks to a great video link, the live tables appear crisp and clear, giving you an amazing experience that you can’t find elsewhere.

General information about the casino online Astral

Casino provides its services in six different languages. Thus, although you have to interact with real people, you won’t have to worry too about language barriers. If you want a taste before putting in money real, Astral game casino offers you an option to play for free mode ‘for fun ‘. Then, as soon as you have decided to register and make a deposit, you will earn a return of 50% cash bonus which allows you to receive half of the losses amassed during your first week in the form of credits.

If you want to have the opportunity to interact with a large number of people, you can sign up for a live casino tournament. In these tournaments, you’ll compete with other players online. This gives you the chance to demonstrate your skills, exactly as you would in a real casino.

Astral casino customer service

Astral casino also offers one of the best support services to customer in the world. You can try to join the team by email, where an answer in 24 hours is guaranteed. If you need more privacy, the casino has a special Skype available line, where a customer service representative can help you, step by step, to overcome any difficulty. With great games and assistance, this casino has become very popular and growing very fast.

Play roulette on the Astral casino

A lot of people like to play Roulette, and this game can be found in almost all of the casinos. Anyone wanting to learn to play find it very simple, since it does not have a lot of rules. Indeed, the game is simply based on knowledge of the bets available on the table and how they should be done. For beginners, the aim of the game is to correctly guess where the ball falls when the wheel stops turning. When they play, players have several betting options. They can bet on specific numbers, odd or even numbers, on the probability that the ball falls in a box between the numbers 1 to 12, or the probability that she falls in a certain column of numbers. Players can also bet on the color of the box in which the ball will fall. The main colors of the boxes are red and black, with the exception of the green boxes 0 and 00. There are also some inside bets when it comes to bet on certain numbers, and outside bets when it comes to betting on other options.

The amount that a player wagers on roulette online depends on the minimum table and the type of setting that he decides to perform: inside or outside. The inside bets allow players to combine the paris. These players can bet on several numbers, the total amount of bets being the minimum of the table, or on a single number for the minimum amount of the table. The outside bets, however, require that each bet is equal to at least the minimum of the table. Inside and outside bets cannot be combined. Moreover, there are great benefits to playing roulette online rather than in a physical casino. For example, the player doesn’t have to wait for the dealer to know when bets will be open, and there is no means of sous-parier on the inside bets. This can avoid a lot of hassle to some people, when they are still learning of the game. Another advantage is that playing online roulette can be a good workout in the sense that it allows players to test different strategies for free.